The Virtual College exists to ensure that young people in care have access to good quality, post 16 education, employment and training. It provides specialist support tailored to individuals aged 16+ (including Year 11).

A small team of specialist advisers work in partnership with the Virtual School for children in care to deliver advice, guidance and face to face support for young people as they transition from Year 11 into post 16 education, training or employment.

The Virtual College expects that every young person will:

  • Achieve their full potential
  • Take up and attend a full time education, apprenticeship, training or employment opportunity

To support young people the Virtual College will:

  • Raise the aspirations and attainment of young people in care
  • Directly support the most vulnerable
  • Raise awareness of the importance of education and lifelong learning with all people associated with young people in care
  • Help create opportunities for young people in care to achieve success in their educational careers
  • Work closely with all agencies to improve educational opportunities for young people in care

The Virtual College offers a spectrum of support according to need that can be defined as follows:

  • Strategic monitoring and tracking
  • Careers advice and guidance
  • Intensive interventions to remove barriers, raise self-awareness, motivation and aspirations to enable progression towards Education, Employment and Training (EET)

For further help and advice, contact the Virtual School and College.