Topic outline

  • The ATAS project is an 18-24 month programme to help schools start on their Attachment and Trauma awareness journey. The project uses a lead team approach to enable whole school change.

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  • An attachment aware school is one where the staff understand the neuroscience behind attachment and trauma that stops vulnerable children from accessing learning. They can then draw on this knowledge to:

    ·       develop the school ethos and culture

    ·       develop classroom teaching and behaviour management strategies to enable vulnerable or disengaged pupils to make progress

    ·       build effective relationships with parents, carers and other agencies

    ·       support effective transitions for vulnerable pupils or those at risk of becoming disengaged

    All Hampshire educational settings can participate in our ATAES programme, which is based on the national model for attachment friendly schools. This follows the principles that settings:

    ·       are child-centred

    ·       acknowledge different attachment styles and their implications

    ·       create nurturing relationships that improve children’s learning and behaviour and satisfy a child's innate need for a sense of belonging and safety

    ·       acknowledge adults' roles as secondary attachment figures that can reshape insecure attachment behaviours and support the development of secure behaviours

    ·       create appropriate nurturing infrastructures for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties

    ·       utilise whole school strategies that avoid the dangers of stigmatising individuals, such as looked-after children

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