Topic outline

  • All schools should have a clear policy with regards to suspension/exclusions. This should set out the way they deal with certain situations and incidents.  

    Schools should always only use suspensions as a last resort in line with their written policy. This should be available via the school website and could be named in a number of different ways, such as Behaviour Policy or similar.

    If your child receives a suspension, please ensure you understand why? And adhere to the law outlined in the letter you would receive from School.

    If you feel the incident and or suspension does not adhere to the school policy and or has treated your child unfairly; you can and should appeal this directly with the school. Once your appeal has been responded to, if you are still not satisfied, you can use the schools complaints procedure to escalate and continue your appeal. Please again refer to the schools complaints policy, which will be on their website.

    If your child attends a Hampshire School you can seek advice from the Virtual School and Hampshire Inclusion Support Service (link below).

    If your child has SEND needs or an EHCP you can also seek advice from the Hampshire SENDIAS Service (link blow).

    If your child receives a permanent exclusion please seek specialist advice as soon as possible, through one of the agencies listed on this page or others.

    If you would like more specific advice please email the